Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big News & mini updates !

Year 2012 is about to say goodbye. This year has shown many colors of life, some good some bad.
but at the end everything seems to fall into place because I AM GETTING MARRIED !!!!
Yes ! Big surprise for me as well because i was mentally prepared for next year around November but You see In India and specially in Rajasthan you don't get to control your life apparently some "Pandit Ji" does. So when i  was dreaming about having a perfect November wedding (* i don't know why but i always wanted to get married in November may be because my mom dad got married in Nov and also two of my girlfriends) Pandit ji declared that Nov is not good and i should get married in February ! YES you read it right FEB 2013 !! In two months !! Now you imagine my state of mind. i am sleepless since i am told the date ! The moment i close my eyes to sleep, pictures of lehengas, decor and hundreds of wedding related things flood in my mind. every little detail has to be taken care of and i am not at all organised at the moment. I am freaking out !!! Thanks to fellow bloggers who got married recently, reading their blogs is really helpful in organizing myself at least.

now on Wedding details,
Wedding trousseau - i just have started with my wedding trousseau. i have bought some sarees because they are not that hard to decide. but major outfits are still to be decided like wedding lehenga, sangeet outfit. i am still confused for engagement outfit, lehenga or saree.
Skin care - i booked kaya skin for my partial pre-Bridal ( Face & Hands treatment) i ll keep updating you how it goes *finger crossed *.
Photography - looking for good candid photographer which is not too heavy on my pocket. Aslo for pre-wedding shoot...i love romantic couple shots.
Make-up artist - pending
and rest all pretty little details are still pending. now you see i am so short of time and hundreds of things left to do.

Wish me luck that i have my perfect wedding in February.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

News headlines on my nails!

So September is Here.
Hope you be a good month. bring me a good news.

Some drama on my nails. 
Today News headline - On my nails


If you want me to do a tutorial for any of these. just let me know.happy to share :)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

my baby sister !

Hello introducing to you all !
My baby sister - the youngest one in family !
she does behind the camera work  for this blog. clicking nice shots, editing sometimes. i really appreciate it.
she edited one picture from the last shoot she shot for the blog. she is very talented and everybody says she is my xerox copy :) and we both hate that !
she has her own photography page on Facebook. you Must check that out. she captures some pretty amazing shots.

and yeah Did i mention she is 14 ? yes just 14 !!pretty talented family we are :)

 my picture she clicked !

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p.s. - My sisters Fb page has been deactivated for time being, i forced her to do so. study and Fb does not really go well. :) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I am Fat !

You remember that standard question people ask in interviews ? One thing you would like to change about yourself ? well i was happy with almost everything about myself until last year when i started gaining weight.
i am 165cms tall and i was 44-45kgs throughout my 5yrs of college (2005-10) but after college i moved to Delhi and i started gaining weight. i dont know why ? :D because i have always been a foodie. i eat a lot.comparing all other girls of my age i think i eat a lot but i have been like this only and but i never gained weight. but 8-9 hours of sitting job has killed my super eating plan. i have gained 10kgs in last 2yrs!!! i have been whining about my weight for a long time now in front of everybody i know. i sort of joined a Gym for 30days and missed 24 days.
but then an Eye opener moment comes and you know its HIGH TIME !This moment happened today when i looked at today's post pictures and realized God i look like i have a balloon face ! i see Double chin ! now i cant just whine about it. i will have to work towards it.Work really hard.
well TEJ is on hold because i have an exam on 29 August.till then we shall enjoy regular posts.

I had bought this pleated dress for my office birthday party in June. it doesn't look too dressy for office and i paired it with formal black heels.

Nail art :)
Pictures courtesy : SH!VANG! CL!CKS

My stop-gaining-more-weight-back-to-45kgs plan started today. i had cucumber-tomato-onion stir fried in very lil butter for dinner not 3 chapatis, sabji, namkeen with 2 rasgullas :)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

T.E.J. - 1

This post in under project The Ethnic Juxtapose.

This Lehenga ( Brocade Skirt) is approx. 16 years old. Too bright to handle ? May be for some of you but Rajasthan indeed is a land full of colors. People here crave for vibrant colors because in this land of Desert, Sand dunes, bare hills, palaces and rugged forts, cactus like vegetation landscape, colors in scenic beauty are not seen much. The dull-colored monotone of the sands and hills look cheery with the vibrant spirits of the people who wear bright colors to make up for the absence of blossoming flowers. Despite the harsh living conditions that they endure, Rajasthan enfolds in its lap a diverse kaleidoscope of breathtakingly beautiful and fascinating colorful turbans, Skirts, Odhanis ( The odhani is a cotton cloth 2.5 to 3 meters long and 1.5 to 2 meters wide that acts as a veil for women ), Jewellery. Choice of fabrics & designs are according to this Hot & dry climate zone.
Enjoy the pictures.

Its just an effort from my side to explore how can we juxtapose all things so old yet so beautiful with some thing very new and still they blend so well. 
that's all this project TEJ is about . do let me know what you think. 

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Look good, when its raining !

Remember as kids how we loved rains. 
Rainy days with hot crisp pakoras and Tea, mum used to make.
paper boat competitions on overflowing roads.
loosing one shoe in water when returning from school.
Blocking the drain pipes on the terrace to collect water.
Dancing and inventing new water games.

thats how i want to remember rains
Welcome to the Grown up's life, where you can enjoy the rains on weekends,
when you rushing for the office in morning, no matter how much you love rains, you seriously don't want to get all muddy and wet.
We cant control the rains but we can dress in a way so 
we can avoid looking completely sloppy, soggy and messed up.

- Welcome cropped pants this season, they are perfect for office wear and you can avoid getting your pants dirty from little water on the streets.


- Sheer fabrics like Georgette and chiffon are good to go. they dry up quickly. Sheer blouses.
- Experiment with prints and colors this season, Printed pants in light fabric is good. its been like 2 months since i wore denims, earlier it was too hot i could not bear the heat they catch and now its rains, i love my printed pants in georgette.


- Go crocs. they are colorful, fun and perfect for rains.
- Umbrellas are hot accessories this time.

-Keep your hair tied. moisture makes them frizzy and rough.

- say no to heavy fabrics like cotton and denim. they take much time to dry up. 
- Don't wear Flip flops. you wont even realize when you spoiled your pants.
- Avoid Black umbrella or black clothingthunder is more likely to fall on black color (Not 100% proved but why take risk ?)
- Avoid white shirt or pants,if get wet they become see through and you don't want to be caught embarrassed.
- Don't wear oxidized jewelry in rainy season, excessive exposure to moisture can cause discoloration and tarnish your pretty belongings.
-  Don't wear fully enclosed footwear for long, it can cause fungal ingfections.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A 100 & Project T.E.J.

Hello readers !
Thank you so much for your love ! i hit a 100 today. All because of you guys ...clap clap !!! thank you :)
as i told you in the last post that how i have ideas floating in mind here and there but i am not able to bring them to reality and execute them. because i am lazy and not so enthusiastic but i have had enough of my laziness now and finally doing what i had in mind since very long time. i want to work my ass off and manage my  work, personal,blog life altogether. i really really admire all the working bloggers for their commitment to blogging. its a hobby and its a passion. but you can't just take it for granted. its disrespect to all your readers. i believe.
now, Some Fun !
Ladies and Gentlemen.
On a very special occasion of 5 Wall reaching 100 readership i present to you - Project T.E.J. 
Just an experiment.Fun.
For more Be back Soon. *Hint*

Thanks to my lovely seniors Megha mam and Ritu mam for helping me decide the Title.
Project - T.E.J.
Keep Showering love !